• Data Management
    We provides services in capturing As-Built Engineering information. Our hybrid method of combining 3D and 2D engineering data capture allows EISmartwork to fast track the implementation of a
  • Data Engineering
    With the ever growing utilization of intelligent applications such as Intergraph's SmartPlantsuite and Aveva's Digital Information Hub, it is vital that organizations implementing su
  • Data Verification
    We believe our clients deserve best quality results in order to deliver project efficiently without jeopardizing cost and timeline. We provide on-site data verification or “walk the line” so
  • Database Management
    We provide services for client to maintain database and perform at its level best. It is crucial for on going project and effective business operation to have well maintained database to avo
  • 3D Modelling
    3D modelling play another role for data intergrity based on 3D laser scanning and dimensionalsurvey. We offer extensive 3D modelling based on clients requirements. Our 3D modelling team whic
  • As-Built 3D Laser Scanning
    We are aware client require As-Builting survey in order to have more accurate engineering practice. We offer wide services on-site laser scanning. This help clients to reduce and optimize co
  • Dimensional Survey
    We offer Dimensional Control services to our Client in order to strenghten data intergrity. Dimensional control surveying is the technique whereby 3-dimensional spaces are accurately measure
  • Database Server Setup/ Database Maintenance
    EISmartwork provides full scale of server setup and maintenance which drives improvements in server operation efficiency and allow downtime minimization.
  • System Administration And Training
    EISmartwork Sdn.Bhd. facilitates and provides a wide range of on-site,remote presentation and training programs in aid of running applications such as INtools,MS Access,Sybase Infomaker, etc
  • Database Migration
    EISmartwork Sdn.Bhd. effectively manages full scale migration of the hard copy or electronic copy of instrumentation database into one centralized database in Engineering database system. Th
  • Design, Engineering And Consultation
    EISmartwork Sdn.Bhd. provide a means to estimate budgetary purposes, conduct feasibility studies as well as assist our client in development, system design and project engineering. Our missi